Coalition Says Directive on Moratorium Does Not Protect The Forest
It also does not cover indigenous people’s forest rights
Pemilukada Should Be MK’s Authority
Debates on the issue continue within the Baleg faction.
Weak Supervision of Reclamation and Post-mining Activities, Researcher Says
There will be a team to overcome coordination issues and overlapping licenses.
Mining Licensing Authority Questioned by East Kutai Regent
The minister’s authority over mining licensing could contradict the constitution
Dispute Over the Authority of the Religious Court
A similar petition was rejected by the Court with Decision No. 019/PUU-VI/2008.
Minister of Finance Will Sign Banknotes
Government signature shows that the circulating money is guaranteed by the government
Forestry Businesses Ask for an Easy Licensing Process
Particularly with regards to Industrial Plantation Forest licenses.
High Ranking Officials of Bank Mandiri Have To Report Their Assets
Approximately 300 officials are subject to this obligation. Bank Mandiri also has to cooperate with the KPK.
Geospatial Information Law Enacted
Notably, the Law contains 11 criminal sanctions.
KPI Will Appeal State Administrative Court Decision
KPI will attempt to further pursue Silet over their coverage of the Merapi eruption.