International Law

New Relations Agreed Upon as Tariff Renegotiations with China Fail
Although Details Sparse, Indonesia’s Unsuccessful Effort to Renegotiate Tariff Reduction Schedule Partly Vindicated by Side Agreement
President: Indonesia Cannot Unilaterally Withdraw from ACFTA
Instead, Focus on Implementing the Agreement on Indonesia's Terms
ACFTA Brought by Presidential Decree: Problematic?
Indonesian Law Might Just be More Superior than the International Agreement
ACFTA Implementation: 228 Tariff Reductions Postponed?
Negotiations: Sensitive Industries Not Quite Prepared for Chinese Competition
PGN Loses Arbitration Case in Singapore
Appeal Considered?
UNCITRAL - To Ratify or Not To Ratify
Implications for Trade in Indonesia
Swiss Vote Against Minarets
Islam in Europe
World AIDS Day
Challenges for Indonesia
Manohara Odelia Pinot vs. The Prince of Kelantan
Domestic Violence and Defamation
Trans-Border Domestic Violence
Problems of Law Enforcement
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