International Law

Convention Attendees Claim that the Capital Investment Law Hinders Indonesian Industry
Amongst arguments regarding crowding out of domestic industry, a DPR member has also lent support to the idea that domestic investors would suffer if equal treatment was granted to foreign investors.
Risks and Threats of Corruption and The Legal Profession an Interview with the International Bar Association
A discussion of the Anti-Corruption Strategy for the Legal Profession, which was recently launched by the IBA, the OECD, and the UNODC.
Perception of Indonesia’s Level of Corruption Remains Unchanged
Transparency International’s 2010 Corruption Perception Index has ranked Indonesia 110th out of 178.
Indonesia Aims to Protect Biological Diversity
The delegation to the COP-10 conference is hopeful that an agreement can be reached on “access and benefit sharing.”
Using DNA to Help Counter Human Trafficking
A new tool to verify whether there is a biological relatedness is being introduced in order to combat the increasingly urgent problem.
Indonesia Plans to Litigate the Montara Oil Spill Incident to the International Court of Justice
The Indonesian government is planning to bring the uncontrolled leak of oil at the Montara Head Oil Platform in the Timor Sea to the International Court of Justice if PTTEP Australasia refuses to pay the compensation demanded.
Indonesia, Malaysia To Begin Maritime Delimitation Discussion Soon
The recent border fiasco with Malaysia had driven the Indonesian government to accelerate the border negotiations and settling sovereignty claims between both countries.
G-20 Summit Puts Pressure on Money Laundering Bill
Tackling Domestic Financial Crime Becomes Critical for International Relations.
Countries at the G-20 Call for Increased Commitment on Combating Money Laundering
The Deputy Governor of the Indonesian Central Bank Objected to the Standardization of Assessment Standards Relating to the Established Practices of International Finance
The Revised Negative Investment List Grants Preferential Status to ASEAN Investors
Head of the BKPM: The Special Treatment Afforded to Investors from ASEAN Member States is a Precursor to the Creation of the ASEAN Economic Community
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