International Law

Radiation Free Certificates and Japanese Exports
Japan: food is safe because it is on the market, with no need for further certification.
Jakarta Declaration on MLA Signed
The IAP conference that saw the signing of the Declaration also covered extradition and assets recovery issues.
The Age Sued Over SBY Wikileaks Story
The lawsuit also targets The Sydney Morning Herald, for a similar news story.
MLA that Would Assist with the Recovery of Gayus’ Foreign Assets Still in the Works
The four countries where Gayus has allegedly stashed his ill-gotten funds have not been disclosed due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.
UK to Prepare Extractive Industry Transparency Bill
All extractive companies based in the UK will be required to disclose their payments to local governments at the location of their operations.
AGO is Trying to Recover Bank Century Assets from Hong Kong and Switzerland
Progress is being made in Hong Kong, with an MLA in the works, the situation in Switzerland is more complex however.
Indonesia Plans to Sue the New 7 Wonders of Nature Contest Organizers
The dispute over being the official host, and the promotion of the Komodo Island appears to be headed to a Swiss court.
US Guarantees Legal Indonesian Timber Imports
Eradicating illegal logging will not only increase revenues, but it will also guarantee sustainable development.
Assets of Former Century Bank Owner Frozen in Hong Kong
The Bank Century case cannot advance rapidly due to jurisdiction issues.
World Bank Awards Chandra Hamzah
The first International Corruption Hunters Alliance (ICHA) Conference has seen the participation of more than 134 countries.
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