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Doubts About OJK Independence
It will be difficult for the Commissioner Council of the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan - OJK) to be neutral, because they will want to help the institutions that have supported their career.
TII Survey: Indonesian Entrepreneurs Frequently Engage in Bribery Abroad
Indonesia entrepreneurs claim the survey is intended to discredit Indonesia.
Smokers Reviewing the Health Law
Smoker’s rights should be protected too
Minister of Finance Sued Over Newmont Divestment Purchase
The Centre for Government Investment and Newmont are co-defendantsThe Centre for Government Investment and Newmont are co-defendants
DPR Just Passed Bill on Indonesian Currency
It regulates rupiah management and the division of authority between BI and the government.
DPR Sets 10 June Target to Complete the Bill of OJK.
The Government was asked to revise Article 34 of the Bank Indonesia Law, if the discussion remains deadlocked
The Future of Three Economic Bills is Still Unclear
Discussion of the Bill on Currency was delayed because of differences in opinions of the Government and the House of Representative Commission XI on rupiah redenomination
The Government Suggests to Establishing Two BPJS
Former Minister of Health criticizes the debate on the Bill of BPJS between the DPR and the Government.
Government Lies to Public About BPJS Bill Discussions
What the Government told the Media was different from what was written in the script that was discussed with DPR.
TransJakarta is not Friendly for Disabled Persons
Visual displays and voice announcements do not work anymore
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