Tommy Wins Lawsuit Against Garuda Magazine
Garuda has not decided whether or not to appeal
Europe-based Law Firm Established A Partnership In Indonesia
To improve the legal practice in the Asia-Pacific region
79 Justice Candidates Will Enter the Second Selection Phase
They will be evaluated by a professional human resources consultant and law professors
New Candidates for KPK Director of Prosecution
KPK will make its decision by the end of May
Chief Justice Announces at least a Dozen more New Corruption Courts
As mandated by the Law, every province should have a corruption court by the end of this year.
Tax Court Will Move to a New Location
Future Location to be in Hayam Wuruk, at the former office of BPKP.
Professional Certification for Forestry Graduates
In the near future the certification could be mandatory for promotion within the Ministry.
Judicial Commission Passes 83 Candidates for Supreme Court Justice
Next selection phase will be held in May 2011
KPK Looking for Personnel
New recruitment will take place in September 2011
Public Accountant Bill Comes One Step Closer to Becoming a Law
It regulates the licensing cost, professional association, administrative and criminal sanctions. Restrictions on foreign public accountants are still being considered.
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