A Divided Supreme Court: Case Review to be Filed by Convicts Only?
Technocratic Debate Continues Around Finer Points of the Criminal Procedure Code
KPK Suspects 19 PDI-P Members Involved in 2004 Corruption
Leaders of Inquiry Into Bank Century Corruption Ironically Alleged to have Received Sizeable Bribes to Arrange a Bank Indonesia Position for Miranda Swaray Goeltom in 2004
Report: Indonesia Most Corrupt Asia Pacific Nation in 2010
Latest Assessment Supports Others Indicating Indonesian Corruption Only Getting Worse, Despite President's Promises
Re-Opening Case of Suspected Mastermind in Munir Murder: Violation of Law?
The Story Continues for Muchdi Purwoprandjono Despite Contentious 2008 Acquittal
Corrupt Fire Truck Distributor Puts Scrutiny on Home Affairs Minister
One Case of Corruption May Lead into Another
Bank Indonesia Warns: ATM Scams Across Country
ATM Security Compromised
Judicial Review of Anti-Terrorism Law: Withdrawn
Applicant: Second Application to Come, but on a Different Basis
Luxury Continues into Prison for Privileged Inmates
Handful of Notable Cases Distracts Attention from Systematic Inequality in Prisons
Muchdi Acquittal in Munir Case: One Year Later
Lingering Questions About the Rule of Law
KPK and Minister Discuss Wiretapping
Compromise vs. Effectiveness
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