Threats of Lawsuits over the 'Tempo' Police Corruption Story
The National Police Has Announced Plans to File Lawsuits for Defamation Against the Tempo Magazine
A Supreme Court Challenge to the Judicial Mafia Taskforce's Legal Basis
"Petition 28": the Judicial Mafia Taskforce Decree is Legally Problematic
Senior Bank Indonesia Official Allegedly Accepted Bribes from an Australian Banknote Printing Company
Bribes Totalling USD 1.3 Million (IDR 12 Billion) are Alleged to have been Accepted by Senior Bank Indonesia Officials in Exchange for Awarding a Contract to Print IDR 100,000 Banknotes Overseas
The Innospec Bribery Case Spurs Cooperation between the KPK and the UK SFO
KPK and the UK Serious Fraud Office are on the Verge of Signing a Memorandum of Understanding that will Provide for Further Inquiries into Bribery by Innospec
Gayus Tambunan Brings Tax Court System Under Scrutiny
Spotlight of Bureaucratic Reform Shines on the Tax Court
Garuda Airlines Found Guilty Of Fuel Surcharge Price Fixing
Amongst Other Defendants, Garuda Receives the Heaviest Fines
Bank Century Investigations Go Full Circle on DPR Member Mukhammad Misbakhun
Inquirer into Bailout Corruption Takes a Turn in Inquiry's Hot Seat
KPK Investigation of Pertamina and BP Migas Officials Gains Momentum with Travel Bans
Anticipation of Further Proceedings as Suspects in Bribe Investigation Told to Stay in Indonesia
BP Migas and Pertamina Officials Bribed, Allowing Toxic Gasoline Usage for Years
English Firm Finds the Right Price to Overcome Public Officials' Accountability to Citizen Wellbeing
United States: Germany's Daimler Bribed Officials Across the World, Indonesia Included
International Corruption Spotlight Once Again Shines on Indonesian Government Officials