Final 12 Candidates for KPK Chairperson
Third Stage of Selection Process.
12 Academics Appointed to Evaluate the Candidates for the Next KPK Chief
The academics, all from a single, unnamed, university, have been selected to evaluate the written test part of the selection process to ensure impartiality.
MUI: Reverse Burden of Proof in Corruption Cases is Halal
While Islamic criminal law contains the presumption of innocence, MUI has insisted that reversing the burden of proof in corruption cases does not violate this principle.
Information Commission: The National Police Should Reveal Owners of the Suspicious Accounts
The recent result of the National Police investigation of the 23 ‘fat bank accounts’ of police officers has attracted much criticisms from the public, amongst these detractors is the Chairperson of the Central Information Commission, Alamsyah Saragih, who argued that the National Police is under an obligation to provide a full disclosure of its findings according to the Freedom of Public Information Law.
Increasing Calls on the KPK to Investigate the Innospec Case More Proactively
There is a growing number of calls on the KPK to make use of the British decision in the Innospec corruption case, however, issues relating to the usability of the data remain.
Mining Businesses are Vulnerable to Corrupt Practices
Although corruption in the mining sector is readily apparent, the criminal activities are difficult to address, and have been largely untouchable by the law.
Supreme Court Denies Another Case Review Not Filed By Convicts
The decision to reject the request for a Case Review (PK) is based on the fact that the petition was lodged by the attorney, instead of the convict.
KPK Apologized for Lingering in Solving the Bank Century Case
The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) had delivered an apology to the public for have not been able to solve the Bank Century case to this date.
Legal Aid's Dramatic Start with Teenager Forced to Confess Drug Possession
Peradi's Kuningan Legal Aid Center Rallies Defense for Adult-Jailed Teenager.
Police Failed to Explain the 'Fat Bank Accounts'
Police research results: 17 accounts are considered normal, with only two being related to crime.