Supreme Court Rejects the Appeal Regarding the Decision to Cease the Bibit-Chandra Prosecution
The rejection of the case review affirms the earlier High Court decision that the AGO’s Case Dismissal Letters are invalid.
New Anti-Money Laundering Law Passed To Combat Corruption
Reversed burden of proof, altered penalties and a debate on whether the new piece of legislation is an improvement and whether it goes far enough.
The Anti-Money Laundering Bill Soon to be Finalized
Potentially subject to no inclusion of new provisions, the Anti-Money Laundering Bill, which is currently being drafted at the parliament, is expected to be passed into law by the House of Representatives.
ICW: Public Court Often Acquits Corruption Suspects
A recent study by the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) reveals that Public Court (Pengadilan Umum) often acquits corruption suspects.
Court Pronounced Anggodo Guilty of Bribery
The trial of Anggodo Widjojo ended with him being sentenced for four years of imprisonment and a fine of IDR 150 million.
Inspector Generals: Civil Servants Still Consider Gratification Lawful
Although some civil servants think receiving gifts are not the same as receiving a graft, there are some others who do think gifts as a graft, though they are reluctant to report it to the authorities.
Controversy Over the Remissions of Corruption Convicts
The remission system is said to hamper the goal of having severe punishments for corruptors.
Anggodo Indicted for Bribery and Obstruction of an Investigation
The Corruption Court hearing of the Anggodo Widjojo case on Monday saw him indicted for allegedly having attempted to pay a bribe and obstruct an investigation of the KPK.
The Government’s Pursuit of Tommy’s Assets and the Timor Putra Case
Activists are calling on the Indonesian government to make use of the Supreme Court’s Timor Putra decision in order to obtain a freezing order for Tommy Suharto’s assets in Guernsey.
Police in Contempt of Court for Withholding Evidence on KPK Commissioners?
Police Chief claims to have incriminating tapes, but failure to produce them might stop proceedings completely.
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