Subordinate of Former Minister of Social Affairs Bachtiar Testifies against him at Trial
Two of Bachtiar's former subordinates gave incriminating testimony linking him to be responsible of direct appointment for ministry procurement contracts.
Police Applauded for Software Piracy Eradication
Police forces at all levels are recognized for their zeal in eradicating software piracy.
Bank Jabar’s Former Official Convicted 2,5 Years on Corruption Case
Herry Achmad Buchori, the former Head of Accounting Division of Bank Jabar, was sentenced to 2,5 years imprisonment by the special Corruption Court
KPK Investigate Two of Nine Criminal Indications on Bank Century Case
Only the Short-term Financing Facility and the Temporal Investment participation will be examined by the KPK for the Bank Century Case
Death of DPR Graft Suspect Terminates Criminal Prosecution
Jeffrey Tongas, who was alleged to have been involved in the travelers cheques for votes scheme has passed away due to a heart attack.
Former DPR Member Sofyan Usman Implicated In Another Corruption Scandal
This time the allegations stem from a procurement conspiracy in Batam, involving the purchase of fire trucks.
Constitutional Court Corruption Investigation Team Announced
A deadline of one month has been set to investigate whether there are any grounds to Mr. Refly’s allegations.
Implementation of the Criminal Assets Bill Passes First Step
If passed into law, the new legislative scheme will allow assets that are suspected of being proceeds of crime to be seized with relative ease.
Corruption Court Finds Sitorus and Adner Guilty
Sentences of 5 and 4.5 years, respectively, follow the 6 years given to Justice Ibrahim.
Supreme Court Denies Hamid Rizal Review But Leaves Loophole Open
While a specific attempt to go directly to a PK has been denied, the possibility of skipping appellate steps in order to avoid the risk of a lengthier sentence remains.
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