Calls for Prohibition on Homosexuality in the Draft Criminal Code Bill
Public displays of affection can be construed as fornication.
Bibit and Chandra Deponeering Finally Issued
The idea for the Waiver Letter (deponeering) has been around since 2009.
Gayus' Sentence Criticized for Being Too Light
A strong and complex network is backing Gayus, and although it is invisible society is aware of its influence.
Ministry of Finance Expressed Willingness to Help on the Gayus Tax Case
Data of the 151 companies that Gayus handled is now in Police hands.
7 Years for Gayus
The 7 year prison sentence for Gayus has made people question the Judges’ sense of justice.
Crimes Rate Improved Slightly in 2010
However white collar crimes and transnational crimes have increased last year.
Over Thirty Indonesians received Death Penalties Abroad
Many more Indonesians are serving other various sentences around the world
The National Human Rights Commission Extends Lapindo Mudflow Investigation
Komnas HAM Adhoc team are given 3 more months to investigate human right violations in the Lapindo mudflow tragedy.
Prosecutors Seek to Recover Part of IDR 9.4 Billion of State Money from Three Companies
Following a KPK investigation into the procurement of portable x-ray equipment, it has emerged that the state was overcharged by IDR 9.4 billion on procurement of 17.18 billion.
Uncertainty in Gayus Case: KPK
A summary of the latest developments in the Gayus case, which appears to be headed to the KPK.
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