Susno Not Replaced as National Police Advisor, Yet
He still retains his position as a high-ranking officer at the National Police office, and is now waiting until the appeal is completed.
3.5 Years for Susno Duadji
For corruption in the PT Salmah Arowana Lestari case and the 2008 West Java Regional Election security budget.
Satgas Role Distinct from KPK's
The number of cases involving law enforcement and public officials is low.
ICW: KPK Law Amendment Could be Malicious
The amendment commenced after the arrest of 26 DPR politicians.
KPK Questions a Ministry of Finance Director
The questioning, as a witness, if over the corruption involving the transport cost of electric trains from Japan.
Supreme Court Calls for a Contempt of Court Law
Although the bills to amend the Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes are slated to include a section on contempt of court, a separate law is being called for to address the issue in more detail.
Calls for a Wiretapping Law After MK Annuls an Article Calling for a Regulation
The Constitutional Court has stated that wiretapping is a violation of human rights, and as such can only be governed by a law, and not a mere regulation.
Recently Released Susno Delays Returning to Work
He is awaiting the return of the Chief of National Police before returning to his office.
Regional Corruption Courts to be Setup by Year-End
All 33 provinces are slated to have their own corruption courts (Tipikor) by the end of 2011.
SJDC Applies the Reverse Burden of Proof in a Corruption Case
Bahasyim Assifie’s case has seen the application of the reverse burden of proof principle, following a failure to account for the source of IDR 61 billion.
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