Banks Not Ready To Detect Money Laundering
Innovation on products and services are imbalanced with the ability to mitigate operational risks
Bank Indonesia Imposes Sanctions on Bank Mega
Bank Indonesia will conduct a fit and proper test for Bank Mega management and executive officers
Taxpayers Related to Gayus Are Still 'Safe' from Criminal Sanctions
151 taxpayers seems to violate tax law provision rather than criminal law provisions.
KPK Can Overcome Corruption Risk for REDD Fund
There is a possibility that the REDD fund will be corrupted like the reforestation fund in Soeharto’s era.
BI’s Weak Supervision the ‘Source’ of Banking Crimes
The House of Representatives will summon both BI and Bapepam-LK in order to explain the recent rise of banking crime cases.
G20 Applauds Indonesia in Eradicating Corruption
Corruption Eradication Bill will be totally redrafted due to misinterpretation of UNCAC
Advocates Should Understand the Press Law Better
Many legal cases regarding the press are using Criminal Code rather than the Press Law
Two Customs and Excise Officials are Discharged after Blackberry Smuggling Case
The investigation is now processed at the Directorate of Internal Disciplinary Center
Italian Citizen Detained Over Corruption Allegation
During 2007-2009 Giovanni Gandolfi is alleged to have caused IDR 6.5 billion in losses to the state via projects of the Directorate General of Water Resources at the Ministry of Public Works.
MK: Indonesia Does Not Need Gambling Revenue
Additionally, the Constitutional Court has held that the applicant’s complaint is not related to the legislation being challenged.