ANTV Entangled in a Labour Dispute
The Company Conducted Layoffs Under a Pretext of Efficiency and Restructuring, Simultaneously Recruiting New Employees for Similar Positions
Domestic Worker Rights Remain Unprotected
After More than Four Years of Debate on the Domestic Workers Rights Bill, the Government Fails to Pass a Single Piece of Legislation on this Issue
Special Airport Terminal for Migrant Workers a Poetic Injustice?
Migrant Workers Mistreated on Indonesia's Doorsteps
Status Quo the Way to Go with Migrant Labor Situation
Ratification of the UN Convention
Judicial Review of the New Electricity Law
Petition Lodged by the State Electricity Company Labor Union
A Fair Wage for Journalists
AJI Releases its 2009 Fair Wage for Journalists
The Future of Labor Law Amendment
Labor celebrated mayday with one common issue, 'say no to amendment of labor law'. DPR's position is not clear whether or not support labor's struggle.
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