Laborers Threaten to Organize a National Scale Strike
Due to the insufficient decent living needs and the Government’s failure to oversee outsourcing practices
ASEAN Needs Regulation On Minimum Wage
A number of NGOs throughout South-East Asia are urging legal and binding protection of migrant workers.
Indonesia to Encourage ASEAN Migrant Worker Protection
Lack of protection means that migrant workers, especially the undocumented, are vulnerable to poor treatment in foreign countries.
Government Urged to Discipline Migrant Worker Placement Agencies
A number of placement agencies are charging fees far in excess of what is permissible under the prevailing regulations, while also failing to protect workers’ rights.
Telkomsel Faces IDR 311 Billion Labor Lawsuit
The claims stem from allegations of Telkmosel not living up to its obligations under a 2008 collective labor agreement.
Batavia Air Wins Lawsuit Over Its Former Pilot
Central Jakarta District Court decided in favor of Batavia Air against its former pilot, Doso Satriadi, for breach of contract.
Government Urged to Implement Bilateral Agreements to Protect Migrant Workers
The recent cases of abuse and murder in Saudi Arabia have led to renewed calls for the government to do more to protect Indonesian migrant workers.
PT. Garuda Indonesia Tangled In Labor Dispute
A union leader is fighting termination that he claims was in retaliation for his union activities.
Dismissed University Professor Filed Lawsuit Against Former Minister
The former Minister for National Development Planning and the Head of the National Development Planning Board (Bappenas), Kwik Kian Gie, is currently facing a civil case at the Central Jakarta District Court following a lawsuit brought by a former university professor who was discharged from employment by Mr Gie.
Central Bank Employees Not Easily Transferred to New Financial Service Authority
Administrative Technicalities to be Addressed Later, says Chief Drafter of Financial Service Authority Bill
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