New Provisions for Property Brokerage Companies
The Ministry of Trade has issued Regulation No. 51/M-DAG/PER/7/2017 on Property Brokerage Companies, with the objective of creating a fair business climate, improving the professionalism of property brokerage companies and supporting business activities in the area of property.
Govt. Reregulates Methods of Payment and Handover of Imported and Exported Goods
In order to implement Article 40 (2) of Law No. 7 of 2014 on Trade, which required the government to further elaborate upon the means of payment and handing for imported and exported goods, the government has issued Regulation No. 29 of 2017 on Methods of Payment of Goods and Methods of Handover of Goods During Import and Export Activities. In essence, this new regulation sets out several provisions which pertain to the following matters: 1) Methods of payment; 2) Methods of handover; 3) Administrative sanctions; and 4) Enforceability of the previous regulations.
Govt. Issues 2017-2019 E-Commerce Roadmap
To optimize Indonesia’s electronic-based economic potential, including the e-commerce sector, start-ups, business development and accelerated logistics processing, the government has finally issued Presidential Regulation No. 74 of 2017 on Roadmap for The National Electronic Commerce System for 2017 – 2019. In essence, this new Regulation sets out a roadmap for e-commerce which addresses eight major programs to be implemented between 2017-2019. Moreover, this regulation also mandates for the establishment of a steering committee which will be responsible for implementing the roadmap.
Import Provisions for Horticultural Products Amended
The Ministry of Trade has issued Regulation No. 43/M-DAG/PER/6/2017, which amends Ministry Regulation No. 30/M-DAG/PER/5/2017 on Import Provisions for Horticultural Products with the objective of enhancing the effectiveness of horticultural-product imports. In essence, the new amendment updates several provisions which pertain to import approvals and the scope of enforceability.
Ministry Adds New Categories of Non-Excisable Goods
The Ministry of Finance has issued Regulation No. 59/PMK.04/2017 on Non-Excisable Goods in order to expand the categorization of non-excisable goods, as well as to simplify the procedure for the utilization of excisable goods as materials to be used in the production of new excisable goods. In general, the regulation addresses two main areas: categories of non-excisable goods and sanctions.
New Import Provisions for Horticultural Products
The Ministry of Trade has issued Regulation No. 30/M-DAG/PER/5/2017 on Import Provisions for Horticultural Products in a bid to implement a more effective framework for the import of said products. With this goal in mind, the new regulation redefines various provisions which were previously addressed under Ministry of Trade Regulation No. 71/M-DAG/PER/9/2015, which bore the same title.
New Tariffs for Trans-Provincial Ferry Services
In a bid to maintain the continuity of the country’s ferry services, expedite the movement of both passengers and cargo, and eventually contribute to the overall improvement of the national economy, the Ministry of Transportation has issued Regulation No. PM 30 of 2017, which redefines a number of provisions relating to tariffs for trans-provincial ferry services. These provisions were previously regulated under Ministry Regulation No. PM 37 of 2016, which was amended several times, most recently through the issuance of Ministry Regulation No. PM 145 of 2016.
License for the Distribution of Basic Commodities
The Ministry of Trade has issued Regulation No. 20/M-DAG/PER/3/2017 on the Registration of Distributors of Basic Commodities, which addresses procedures to be followed by distributors, sub-distributors and agents of basic commodities which are looking to secure access authority for SIPT and eventually, the TDPUD Bapok as a license to engage in the distribution of basic commodities.
Govt. Redefines Classification of Motor Vehicles Subject to PPnBM
The Ministry of Finance has just issued Regulation No. 33/PMK.010/2017, which amends Ministry Regulation No. 64/PMK.011/2014 on Types of Motor Vehicles Subject to Luxury-Goods Sales Tax and Procedures for the Granting of Exemptions from Luxury-Goods Sales Tax. In essence, the Amendment updates the list of motor-vehicle types which are subject to luxury-goods sales tax (PPnBM) in order to conform to the newly issued World Customs Organization’s Harmonized System Nomenclature 2017 Edition, as well as to the ASEAN Harmonised Tariff Nomenclature 2017.
Draft Government Regulation on Food Labeling and Advertising
With an eye to offering better protection against false and misleading information on food products, the government is currently discussing the Draft Government Regulation on Food Labeling and Advertising. The Draft Regulation primarily addresses provisions which relate to standards, required information and prohibitions for food labeling and advertising. In addition, the Draft Regulation also sets out a number of provisions which relate to the monitoring of food labeling and advertising, as well as procedures for the imposition of sanctions and public participation in order to increase general awareness of these issues.