Economic Policy Task Force to Focus on Prolonged Dwelling Times at Various Major Ports
Task Force also set to raise issue of unnecessary ministry-level regulations
Govt. to Seek Best Solution for E-Commerce Taxation Issue
Ministry of Finance admits that e-commerce taxation is a worldwide problem which is still in need of a definitive solution
Minister Nurbaya: Forestry-License Misappropriation Believed to Be Primary Cause Underlying Most Forest-Fire Cases
Corporate perpetrators often disguise themselves as representatives of local communities in order to secure more concessions
Collective Payment of National Health-Insurance Premiums by Families of Freelancers and Non-Employees
Such payments can now be made through a virtual-account system established by the BPJS for Health
Mining-Law Revision to Focus on Domestic Downstream Activity
The Draft Bill currently under deliberation and believed to fully support national interests
Govt. Officially Reinstates Archandra Tahar’s Indonesian Citizenship
Various House members speak against the move, claiming that such a speedy citizenship reinstatement violates the country’s Citizenship Law
Judicial Review of ITE Law: Constitutional Court Mainly in Favor of Petition
Two out of panel’s nine judges offer dissenting opinions against the ruling
Govt. Expedites Revision of Certain Laws Relating to the Implementation of AEOI Standards
Financial transparency under AEOI standards to address the illicit financial flows which are hurting the economic growth of developing countries
Verification Process for Media Companies: Balancing Freedom of Speech Against Professionalism
Competency tests for journalists also planned
House Calls for Separation of Directorate General of Tax from the Ministry of Finance
House claims Directorate General of Tax should be an independent entity under the direct supervision of the President
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