Draft Bill on the Amendment to the Anti-Trust Law: KADIN Addresses Six Issues
A number of provisions considered to place too great a burden upon entrepreneurs.
Govt. to Prepare Special Logistics Policies
Focus to be on accelerating the improvement of logistics and supply-chain systems across Indonesia in order to deal with the tight ASEAN competition
Jokowi-JK Urged to Prioritize Eight Issues
Human-Rights Watchdog Imparsial has reported that the Jokowi-JK Administration is still not placing enough focus upon human-rights issues and the state-security apparatus.
KPK: BUMN and BUMD Should Be Held Liable for Criminal Activity
The Supreme Court is currently preparing a regulation on the liabilities of corporations in cases where crimes are committed, which is expected to be ready by the end of this year.
Government Working to Protect Employee Rights
Minimum-Wage Regulation still perceived as violating employees’ right to a fair wage.
Digital Entrepreneurs to Become Subject to Tax
Directorate General of Tax is currently preparing mechanism for collection of taxes from digital entrepreneurs.
Completion of Mining-Law Revision Before End of 2016 in Doubt
KAHMI urging government to move quickly to prevent a legal vacuum emerging.
Interpretation of Phrase “Public Order” Through Indonesian Arbitration Law under Review
Current interpretation believed to be too broad, leading to too many interventions by Indonesian courts in cases involving international arbitral awards.
President Sets out Master Plan for Indonesian Legal Reform
President Widodo proposes legal reforms aimed at strengthening the rule of law.
Potential Deviations to Land Reform
Government and companies simultaneously manipulate land-reform for their own economic agenda.