Pekanbaru District Court Rejects Pretrial Petition for Termination of SP3 Investigation into Forest Fires
Petitioner is deemed to have no legal standing as regards the filing of a citizen’s lawsuit according to Supreme Court Regulation
Workers Express Support for Establishment of Unemployment-Insurance Program
Employers state preference for so-called “safety-net” mechanism
APINDO: Increase in Jakarta’s UMP for the 2017 Period Already Ideal
APINDO urging employers not to postpone the implementation of the 2017 provincial minimum wage
ITE Law Amendment: Implementation of Right-to-be-Forgotten Clause Considered Irrelevant
Clause may only benefit a small number of people, while raising various new issues
Anti-Trust Law Amendment: APINDO Urges Establishment of KPPU Supervisory Council
KPPU Head believes establishment of any such a council to be unnecessary
New Trademark and Geographical-Indication Bill: Understanding Trademark-Registration Procedures
The registration of trademarks which take the form of three-dimensional logos or pictures must specify the trademark’s characteristics, while trademarks which take the form of sounds must enclose samples of the sound as well as musical notation
FITRA Raises Seven Issues Relating to the 2017 State-Budget Plan
General public still considers 2017 state-budget plan to be in contradiction with Nawacita.
Constitutional Court Broadens the Interpretation of Provisions on Prenuptial Agreements
Such agreements may now also be drawn-up after marriage.
E-Tilang App Introduces Online Traffic Ticketing
E-Tilang will be available through smartphones, while tickets will be payable through m-banking and e-banking services.
Ministry of Employment: Governors Should Use BPS Data during Formulation of New Minimum Wage
National-inflation and economic-growth rates used by BPS neglect to take Decent Living Standards into account.