Advice on the Prevention of Corporate Crimes for Corporations
The KPK expects corporations to ensure that none of their employees or policy makers engages in bribery in order to realize their business interests
Employment Issues Still a Major Issue During Mergers, Consolidations and Acquisitions
Employees have the right to file objections against any “corporate actions”
Comprehensive Legal Due Diligence Processes Seen as Key to Avoiding Land-Procurement Challenges
When legal disputes arise, Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency Regulations may offer insights regarding their potential resolution.
Revision of Govt. Regulation 79/2010 Expected to Offer Tax Facilities for Upstream Oil-and-Gas Exploration
New tax facilities to include exemptions relating to import customs, income tax for importation, domestic value-added tax and income tax for the reduction of cost-sharing expenses
Corporate Corruption Cases: A Review
Both the KPK and the Public Prosecutor’s Offices have attempted to extend at least six corruption cases involving individual perpetrators into the realms of corporate crime
Experts Criticize Revisions Made under Government Regulation 72/2016
Critics mainly highlight provisions which enable the privatization of state-owned enterprises without approval being granted by the House
Tax-Reform Agenda: Govt. to Focus on Simplifying the Taxation Framework
One of the measures suggested involves reducing the administration costs involved in the collection of taxes and taxpayer-compliance fees
Govt. Attempts to Prevent the Spread of Hoaxes
At least three types of punishable hoax are currently regulated under the ITE Law.
Pros and Cons of Amendment to the ITE Law
A number of parties consider the Amendment to be impairing the freedom of expression and speech in the cyber-world
House Passed a Total of 22 New Laws Throughout 2016
Baleg has approved 49 draft bills to be incorporated into the 2017 National Legislative Program