House Criticizes Several Articles in Government Regulation in Lieu of Law on Access to Financial Information for Tax Purposes
Nine out of ten factions at the House agree to engage in further debate regarding Perppu 1/2017
Directorate General of Taxes Urged to Draw Up Regulations Which Address Beneficial Ownership
Regulations governing beneficial ownership are required by the OECD’s Global Forum on Transparency and the Exchange of Information
LBH Indonesia Protests Six Errors in New Government Regulation in Lieu of Law on Mass Organizations
Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation insists that the state’s efforts to protect the nation’s sovereignty must be both in line with established legal principles and constitutionally mandated
Government Urged to be Consistent with Freeport When Enforcing Mining Law
The House of Representatives should be more active in supervising the negotiation process
Reports from the ESDM National Command Post during the 2017 Religious Holiday
Stocks of BBM remained sufficient and no region experienced an electricity deficit
Govt. Opens up Potential for 100% Land-and-Building Tax Deductions
PBB Deductions Can Now Be Granted Under Two Conditions
Investor Protection in Need of Strengthening as Repurchase-Agreement Transactions Continue to Grow
Risks for early sellers increasing as a result of repo chains
Govt. Introduces Three New Methods for Structure and Gradation Formulations for Different Wage Schemes
Employers must inform their workers of any newly formulated wage schemes, structures and gradations
Mining Businesses in the Wake of PP Minerba: Many Issues Loom Regarding Indonesia’s Mining Divestment Policy
Contrary to popular expectations, transfers of ownership to Indonesia may not lead to any drastic increases in domestic employment opportunities within the mining sector
Implementation of the Precautionary Principle in Environmental Cases Deemed Important
Impacts resulting from environmental damage cannot be equated with losses involving damaged goods or other material rights
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