Measuring Effective Fines for Perpetrators of Anti-Competitive Practices
KPPU Commissioners Council must be able to explain the basis for any fines which are levied.
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 48 of 2017 Expected to Accommodate Investor Aspirations
Regulatory changes to Ministry Regulation No. 42 of 2017 are intended to optimize and simplify the supervision process within the energy and mineral resources sector.
People’s Coalition Rejects “All-in-One” Government Regulation to Implement Law on Persons with Disabilities
President Joko Widodo is being urged to formulate a Presidential Instruction which adequately addresses mainstreaming, program formation and budgeting as regards the fulfilment of the rights of persons with disabilities
Bank Indonesia Issues Commercial Securities Regulation for the Financial Market
Regulation is expected to improve the governance of publications and transactions, accelerate the expansion of financial markets and support the effective transmission of monetary policy.
Beneficial-Ownership Regulation Established to Chase down Taxpayers in Tax-Haven Countries
Ministry of Finance committed to implementing global initiatives in order to mitigate tax avoidance
OJK Issues Regulation on Sustainable Finance: Corporations Required to Report Business Action Plans
Financial services institutions, issuers and public companies must now report their business plans to the Financial Services Authority on an annual basis
Smelter Companies Lament Negative Impact of Government Regulation 1/2017
Twelve nickel-smelting companies have suffered losses as a result of recent price drop
Government Still Assessing Potential Tax Rules for Online Transportation Application Companies
Regulation will also apply to application providers operating outside the transportation sector.
House Criticizes Several Articles in Government Regulation in Lieu of Law on Access to Financial Information for Tax Purposes
Nine out of ten factions at the House agree to engage in further debate regarding Perppu 1/2017
Directorate General of Taxes Urged to Draw Up Regulations Which Address Beneficial Ownership
Regulations governing beneficial ownership are required by the OECD’s Global Forum on Transparency and the Exchange of Information