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Cabotage Rule Suspended for Upstream Oil and Gas Vessels
Specific activities that are permissible for foreign flagged vessels are: (1) survey oil and gas; (2) drilling; (3) offshore construction; (4) support of offshores operations; (5) dredging; and (6) salvage and underwater activities.
New Bapepam-LK Decree on Capital Market Legal Consultants
According to the accompanying press release, the Decree makes several fundamental amendments in an effort to improve the effectiveness of the registration and supervision of the Capital Market Legal Consultant profession.
New Government Regulation on Cost Recovery in the Oil and Gas Industry
Pursuant to Article 2 the Regulation applies to all upstream oil and natural gas service and production sharing contracts. However, pursuant to Article 38 (a) contracts that have been signed prior to the Regulation coming into force will not be affected.
New Regulation on Citizen Participation in Spatial Planning
The citizen inclusion is considered to be one of the key elements in creating a spatial plan for a secure, desirable, productive and sustainable national spatial area.
Extended Deadline to Begin Exploitation or Return Geothermal Mining Working Areas
The Regulation extends the deadline to return non-utilized geothermal mining working areas ('Working Area') to the state as stipulated in Article 86 of the 2007 Regulation.
New Regulation on the Method of Standard Price Determination for Minerals and Coal
Each month the Director General of Mineral, Coal and Geothermal (‘Director General’) (on behalf of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources) determines the standard sale price for minerals and coal.
Ministers Sign a Joint Circular Letter to Optimize One-Door Integrated Services in the Investment Sector
The Joint Circular Letter to optimize the implementation of PTSP in the regions. The Joint Circular Letter essentially covers the ways in which its stated purpose can be achieved.
KPPU Regulation: Criteria to Determine the Existence of Cartels
Among other things, the Guidelines outline the criteria that the KPPU will use to identify the existence of cartels, and reinforce associated sanctions.
After Delays, Government Regulation on Merger and Acquisition Released
Identical with the last hukumonline-reviewed Draft, it sets out the sizes of mergers and acquisitions that, upon conclusion, must be notified to the Commission for Supervision of Business Competition ('KPPU').
Patent Transfer Registration Requirements and Procedures
Both the Law and the Presidential Regulation, however, only recognize several occurrences to warrant a patent transfer. These include inheritance, donation, testament, written agreement, or other occurrences recognized by the regulations.
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