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Reclamation and Post-Mining Obligations for Mining License Holders
It is necessary to conduct reclamation and post-mining to negate the harmful effects of mining activities on the environment, such as erosion and sedimentation, microclimate changes, decreases in land productivity, and disturbances to public health.
Bill on Housing and Settlement Areas Passes the House of Representatives
The Bill is part of the government’s efforts to create a regulatory framework that ensures that housing needs, being one of the basic human needs, are met. Particularly to ensure that low-income communities can enjoy proper housing facilities.
New KPPU Regulation on Merger and Acquisition Transactions
The purpose of the Regulation is to set out a comprehensive guide for companies conducting M&A transactions, in order to clarify and prevent multiple interpretations of the Government Regulation, hence providing legal certainty by further regulating the consultation with the KPPU on the M&A plan, the timeline and procedure required for the approval, and the factors used in evaluating M&A transactions.
The New Money Laundering Law
The Law grants greater powers to the Financial Transaction Reports Analysis Center (“PPATK”), the main player in preventing and eradicating money laundering. Under the Law, involvement of a wider arrays of state officials is provided for, as well as new authority for such officials to assist with their endeavors to combat and eradicate money laundering.
Presidential Regulation on Government Procurement: a Relatively Comprehensive Framework, in Anticipation of a Law
The Regulation sets out a relatively comprehensive framework that budget users and potential goods and service providers have to follow in the course of the procurement process.
The Mechanism of Patent Transfer Registration
According to the Patent Law, there are 5 situations that warrant a patent transfer: inheritance, donation, testament, written agreement, or other situations recognized by the regulations.
The New Negative Investment List: Making Investment in Indonesia Easier, More Certain, and Attractive?
This Indonesian Legal Digest will highlight features of the new Negative Investment List, with attention to modifications upon the previous structure, and inquire as to whether newly-introduced provisions will indeed effect a clarified, more attractive investment environment.
Intellectual Property Rights: Government's Amendment to Marks Law Finalized
This Indonesian Law Digest will discuss those aforementioned features of the Marks Bill, with attention to implementation and implications for various interests.
Implementing Regulation for National Spatial Plan
This inquiry briefly highlights key aspects of the Implementing Regulation, and is guided by two core questions. First, how does the regulation effect state control over the utilization of Indonesian space? Second, how does it implement the revised Spatial Planning Law’s objective, namely, to rectify the issue of coordination between different levels and agencies of the state?
The ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement: Indonesia's Dilemma
The ACFTA is set to unfold import tariffs on upwards of 90% goods produced inside the free trade area in 4 stages over the span of the next 10 years.
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