Amendments to Bapepam-LK Rule No. IV.B.1
Basic Telephony Services through Fixed Networks - Tariffs
Gas Emission Limits for Motor Vehicles - Jakarta
Sriro's Desk Reference of Indonesian Law 2008
Book Review by Rob Baiton - Managing Editor of
Labor Placement
Verification and Technical Surveys on Certain Mined Exports
Industrial Relations Court Decision - A Win for Employers
Procedures for Utilizing Expatriate Labor
The Minister of Labor and Transmigration has issued Regulation No. PER.02/MEN/III/2008 in order to synchronize and perfect the previous regulations in this area. The amended regulatory framework is designed to reflect the current situation and developments in regional autonomy that have occurred since 2004. The legal basis for this Regulation is Article 42(1) and Article 43(4) of the Labor Law (Law No. 13 of 2003).
Controlled Distribution of Kerosene to Households and Small Enterprises
Procedures for Determining Tariffs, Customs Values, and Administrative Sanctions