Excise Exemption Rules for Alcohol Products Re-Amended
With the aim of further improving administration within the excise sector and accommodating new developments in the alcoholic beverage industry, the Directorate General of Customs and Excise has issued Regulation No. PER-43/BC/2017 as the second amendment to Regulation No. PER-46/BC/2012 on Procedures for the Granting and Revocation of the Decree on Excise Exemptions for Ethyl Alcohol and Beverages Containing Ethyl Alcohol.
OJK Simplifies Regulations on Periodic Reporting by Insurance and Reinsurance Companies
The Financial Service Authority has issued Circular No. 1/SEOJK.05/2018 on the Form and Structure of Periodic Reports for Insurance and Reinsurance Companies. Circular 1/2018 sets out an official list of periodic reports that must be submitted by conventional and sharia-insurance/reinsurance companies and also simplifies provisions which address reporting obligations, which were formerly addressed under several regulations.
Provisions for the Recruitment of Paralegals by Legal-Aid Providers
With the aim of improving legal-aid coverage and services, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights has issued Regulation No. 1 of 2018 on Paralegals for the Facilitation of Legal Aid.
Rules for Tax Returns (SPT) Amended
In a bid to simplify the administration of Tax Returns (SPT) and to support the Ease of Doing Business program, the Ministry of Finance has issued Regulation No. 9/PMK.03/2018 which amends Ministry Regulation No. 243/PMK.03/2014 on Tax Returns (SPT).
Govt. Further Amends Import Regime for Forestry Products
The Ministry of Trade has issued Regulation No. 13 of 2018 which amends Ministry Regulation No. 97/M-DAG/PER/11/2015 on Import Provisions for Forestry Products for the second time Regulation 97/2015 was amended once previously through the issuance of Ministry Regulation No. 91/2017 on the same matter.
New Regulation on the Clearance and Processing of Plantations
The Ministry of Agriculture recently issued Regulation No. 05/PERMENTAN/KB.410/1/2018 on the Clearance and/or Processing of Plantation Fields without Incineration with the ultimate objective of preventing land and plantation fires, as well as preserving environmental sustainability.
Non-Pipeline Utilization of Natural Gas
With the ultimate goal of accommodating the utilization of non-pipeline natural gas, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has issued Regulation No. 4 of 2018 on the Utilization of Natural Gas by Downstream Oil-and-Gas Businesses.
Government Eases Import Regime for Horticultural Products
As part of the government's recent policy of easing national import activity, the Ministry of Trade has issued Regulation No. 16 of 2018 as the third amendment to Ministry Regulation No. 30/M-DAG/PER/5/2017 on Import Provision for Horticultural Products.
Formulation and Submission of Good Corporate Governance Reports by Venture-Capital Companies
In a bid to implement Article 42 (2) of Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 36/POJK.05/2015 on Good Corporate Governance by Venture-Capital Companies, the OJK has issued Circular No. 4/SEOJK.05/2018 on Reporting the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance for Venture-Capital Companies.
Job Levels and Qualifications within the Palm-Oil Plantation Sector
The Ministry of Agriculture has decided to implement the Indonesian National Qualification Framework through the issuance of Regulation No. 49/PERMENTAN/SM.200/12/2017 on the Indonesian National Qualification Framework and Standards for Workers in the Palm-Oil Plantation Sector. The KKNI consists of a set of guidelines for improving the quality of human resources within the palm-oil plantation business sector through education, training and certification activities.