Indonesian Legal Brief

BKPM Issues New Regulation on Investment Licensing and Facilities
In order to implement the government’s 16th Economy Policy Package, as mandated by Presidential Regulation No. 91 of 2017 on the Acceleration of Business Operations, the Head of the Investment Coordinating Board has issued Regulation No. 13 of 2017 on Guidelines and Procedures for Investment Licensing and Facilities.
Provisions on Recommendation Relating to Customs and Excise Access Further Regulated
The Director General of Tax has issued Regulation No. PER-24/PJ/2017 on Guidelines for the Issuance of Recommendations Regarding Customs and Excise Access. Regulation 24/2017 sets out further provisions which relate to customs and excise access recommendations, an area that for a brief period was previously regulated under Ministry of Finance Regulation No. 179/PMK.04/2016 on Customs Registration.
Implementation of the One-Stop Integrated Service Facility within the Manpower Sector
The Ministry of Manpower has issued Regulation No. 22 of 2017 on the Implementation of the One-Stop Integrated Service Facility within the Manpower Sector at the Investment Coordinating Board. Regulation 22/2017 compiles the various provisions which were originally stipulated under Ministry Regulation No. 25 of 2014 on the Implementation of the One-Stop Integrated Service Facility within the Manpower Sector at the Investment Coordinating Board, as well as its amendment, Ministry Regulation No. 9 of 2017.
Tax-Attorney Requirements Updated
The Ministry of Finance is now updated the requirements and licenses which have to be met in order to be admitted as a tax attorney-at-law by the tax court through the issuance of Regulation No. 184/PMK.01/2017 on Requirements for Tax Attorneys at Tax Courts. Regulation 184/2017 repeals and replaces Ministry Regulation No. 61/PMK.01/2012, which addressed the same matters.
E-Registration for Corporate Taxpayers via Notaries
In an attempt to simplify procedures for the registration of corporate taxpayers that are looking to obtain official Taxpayer Identification Numbers, the Directorate General of Tax recently issued Regulation No. PER-17/PJ/2017 on Procedures for the Registration of Corporate Taxpayers through Electronic Means via Notaries .
Settlement of Disputes Involving Laws and Regulations through Non-Litigation Channels
In order to provide a set of guidelines for the settlement of disputes involving overlapping and conflicting laws and regulations, and which could eventually hinder the development of investment, through non-litigation channels, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights has issued Regulation No. 32 of 2017 on Procedures for the Settlement of Disputes Involving Laws and Regulations through Non-Litigation Channels.
Technical Provisions on the Imposition of PPN and PPnBM in Free Areas Amended
The Ministry of Finance has issued Regulation No. 171/PMK.03/2017 which amends Ministry Regulation No. No. 62/PMK.03/2012 on Procedures for the Oversight, Administration, Payment and Settlement of Value-Added Tax and/or Luxury Goods Sales Tax for the Extraction and/or Handover of Taxable Goods and/or Taxable Services from Other Areas within Customs and Excise Territory to Free Areas.
Government Export-Development Programs Seeking to Boost National Export Activity
With the ultimate objective of improving national export activities, the Ministry of Trade has issued Regulation No. 83 of 2017 on the Improvement of Business Practitioners for Export-Development Purposes.
Oversight of the Carriage of Hard Cash through Customs Areas
With the ultimate aim of further preventing any practices relating to money laundering and/or terrorism financing, the Ministry of Finance has issued Regulation No. 157/PMK.04/2017 on Procedures for Notifications and Oversight, and Indicators of Suspicion, for the Carriage of Hard Cash and/or Other Payment Instruments, as Well as the Imposition of Administrative Sanctions and Deposits into the State Treasury. This regulation is an implementation of Government Regulation No. 99 of 2016 on the Carriage of Cash and Other Payment Instruments into or out of Indonesian Territory.
BI Further Regulates Regulatory-Sandbox Provisions for Fintech Organizers
Member of the Board of Governors of Bank Indonesia has issued Regulation No. 19/14/PADG/2017 on the Regulatory Sandbox for Financial Technologies, which addresses technical provisions which relate to the organization of a regulatory sandbox approach for Financial Technology, as regulated under Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 19/12/PBI/2017 on the Organization of Financial Technologies.
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