Indonesian Legal Brief

Licensing, Approvals and Reporting for Conventional and Sharia Insurance Companies via Electronic Means
The Financial Services Authority has issued Circular No. 10/SEOJK.05/2018 on Applications for Licenses, Approvals and Reporting for Insurance Companies, Sharia Insurance Companies, Reinsurance Companies and Sharia Reinsurance Companies via Electronic Means, which serves as an implementation of Regulation of the OJK No. 67/POJK.-05/2016 on Business Licenses and Institutions for Insurance Companies, Sharia Insurance Companies, Reinsurance Companies and Sharia Reinsurance Companies.
Govt. Updates Procedures for Complete Systematic Land Registrations
In a bid to offer greater legal certainty and protections relating to the issue of land rights, the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Affairs/Head of National Land Agency has issued Regulation No. 6 of 2018 on Complete Systematic Land Registrations.
Tax Treatment for Capital Participation by Venture-Capital Companies Updated
The Minister of Finance has issued Regulation No. 48/PMK.010/2018 on Tax Treatments for Capital Participation in Micro-, Small- and Medium-Scale Enterprises by Venture-Capital Companies, which adjusts the threshold for the types of micro-, small- and medium-scale enterprises which are eligible to become the business partners of venture-capital companies.
New Environmental Provisions for Ocean Waste Dumping
Provisions which address the issue of ocean waste dumping have finally been regulated by the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Forestry through the issuance of Regulation No. P.12/MENLHK/SETJEN/KUM.1/4/2018 on Requirements and Procedures for Ocean Waste Dumping.
Provisions Relating to SKK Migas Redefined
The government has issued Regulation of the President No. 36 of 2018 which amends Regulation of the President No. 9 of 2013 on the Management of Upstream Oil-and-Gas Activities.
BI Updates Provisions on Licensing for Participants in Monetary Operations
Bank Indonesia just issued a new technical regulation on monetary operations, specifically Regulation of the Board of Governors of Bank Indonesia No. 20/7/PADG/2018 on Participation in Monetary Operations. Regulation 7/2018 is expected to improve the governance, standardization and compliance aspects of monetary operations.
Electronic Reporting Obligation for Issuers and Public Companies
After submitting their reports, issuers and public companies are required to maintain documents relating to any submitted reports and to submit them to the OJK upon request. Any information which is contained within said maintained documents must be consistent with information which is submitted via the SPE Website
New Provisions on Sanctions for Employers in the Form of Restriction of Access to Certain Public Services
The Minister of Manpower has issued Regulation No. 4 of 2018 on Procedures for the Imposition and Revocation of Administrative Sanctions in the Form of Certain Public-Service Access Restrictions for Employers Other than State Officials in order to ensure that any employers who are not state officials register their employees with Indonesia’s social security agency (BPJS) for health, as well as the BPJS for manpower.
Govt. Issues Technical Guidelines for Applications, Evaluations and Issuance of Mineral and Coal-Mining Licenses
The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources has issued Decree No. 1796 K/30/MEM/2018 on Implementation Guidelines for the Application, Evaluation and Issuance of Licenses for Mineral and Coal-Mining Activity, which serves as an implementation of Regulation of the Minister No. 11 of 2018 on Procedures for the Granting of Areas, Licensing and Reporting for Minerals and Coal-Mining Business Activities, as Amended by Regulation of the Minister No. 22 of 2018.
New Regulation on Compensation for Parties Affected by Electric Transmission Networks
The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources has issued Regulation No. 27 of 2018 on Compensation for Land, Buildings and/or Plants Located under Free Electricity Transmission Networks.
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