The 2016 Government Legislation Drafting Program: Government Regulations and Presidential Regulations (Part I)
This edition of Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will discuss the government’s 2016 plan regarding the drafting of Government Regulations and Presidential Regulations.
Bill on Persons with disabilities
This week’s ILD will analyze and discuss issues relating to the protection and realization of the rights of persons with disabilities, as they are set out under the Bill.
This edition of Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) follows up on last week’s ILD publication (No. 449), which offered a discussion of intellectual property rights (IPR) which covered IPR objects and the various parties eligible to enjoy IPR.
This week’s Indonesian Legal Digest (ILD) is the first of two ILD’s focusing on the registration of intellectual property rights (“IPR”), which will confine their discussions to the following sub-topics: IPR objects (Part I), Parties entitled to secure such rights (Part I), IPR registration procedures (Part II); and The potential economic gains of registering IPR (Part II)
Bill on the Prevention and Control of Financial-System Crises
This week’s Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will analyze and discuss various issues relating to the mechanisms put in place by the Bill in order to prevent and control financial crises in Indonesia.
Bill on the Protection and Empowerment of Fishermen, Fish Farmers and Salt Farmers
The protection and empowerment of Marine-Product Businesses as set out in the new Bill is to be implemented through several policies and strategies which will specifically focus on: the improvement of infrastructure and facilities, insurance for Marine-Product Businesses, business assurance, legal assistance, education and training, funding and financing facilities, and so forth.
New Regulation on Property Ownership by Foreigners: Good Intentions but Many Uncertainties Remain
This week’s edition of Indonesian Law Digest (“ILD”) will seek to analyze and discuss issues relating to property ownership by foreigner citizens, as set out under the 2015 Regulation. This analysis will encompass the following topics: Foreigners allowed to buy property; Land rights; Types of property; Residential permits; The acquisition and transfer of land rights; and Mixed marriages.
Expanding Indonesia’s Electrical Infrastructure: A New Step on the Road to Economic Development
This week’s edition of Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will be aiming to analyze the various issues relating to the implementation of the 2016 Regulation on Electrical infrastructure.
Bill on Public-Housing Savings
This week’s Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will discuss the various provisions set out under the Bill, which remain similar to when it was still at the Draft Bill stage (as discussed in ILD No. 416 in August of 2015). In order to avoid any redundancy or repetition, as regards ILD No. 416, this edition of ILD will only highlight the differences which exist between the two legal frameworks
New Regulation on Mediation: A More Effective Solution?
In order to address this low mediation success rate, specifically those processes which are organized by the courts, the Supreme Court recently issued Supreme Regulation No. 1 of 2016 on the Mediation Procedure. The 2016 Regulation has been designed to boost the mediation success rate, so that this process will be seen as a viable alternative for the resolution of disputes.