Indonesian Law Digest

Running a Palm Plantation Business (PART II)
The second and final section of this edition of ILD will focus on several obligations and requirements which have to be met by palm-plantation businesses before they can commence operations.
Establishment of Palm-Plantation Businesses – Part I
This first palm-focused ILD will elaborate upon the basic provisions which relate to the establishment of palm-plantation businesses, while next week’s edition will discuss the various obligations which are to be met by palm-plantation businesses as they engage in their various business activities.
Ship Hypothecation 101
This week’s Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will analyze and discuss issues specifically relating to ship hypothecation. Our analysis will deal specifically with the following topics: Overview of ship hypothec; Registration of ship ownership; Ship hypothec procedure; Execution of ship hypothec; Comparison with Singapore Law.
How to Legally Fire Your Worker
This week’s Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will analyze and discuss the topic of employment termination. Our analysis will focus upon the following topics: Employment relationship; Termination of employment; Dismissal entitlements; and Dispute-resolution mechanisms.
Essentially, the 2016 DNI revises various components of the 2014 DNI as they relate to the following investment sectors: 1) agriculture; 2) forestry; 3) marine and fisheries; 4) energy and mineral resources; 5) industry; 6) defense and security; 7) public works; 8) trade; 9) tourism and creative economy; 10) transportation; 11) communication and information technology; 12) finance; 13) the banking industry; 14) manpower; 15) education; and 16) health.
Minerals Processing & Purification in Indonesia: A Triumph of Intention over Implementation
This week’s Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will discuss the various legal issues involved in the processing and purification of minerals, and will cover: The various parties and mining products which are subject to the obligation; The construction of smelters; and The exporting of smelted mining products
This week’s edition of Indonesian Law Digest trains its expert lens on the various steps involved in the establishment unscheduled commercial helicopter companies, including the obtaining of business licenses, helicopter ownership requirements, and the various obligations that must be fulfilled by such companies at all times. Also in focus are the procurement of helicopters, the various categories of heliport and their construction requirements, tariffs for chartering helicopter services, and the granting of flight approval prior to take off. Have a safe flight!
The 2016 Government Legislation Drafting Program: Government Regulation and Presidential Regulations (Part II)
This edition of Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) follows up on last week’s ILD publication (No. 452), which set out the list of government regulation drafting program under Presidential Decree No. 10 of 2016 on the 2016 Governmental-Regulation Drafting Program.
The 2016 Government Legislation Drafting Program: Government Regulations and Presidential Regulations (Part I)
This edition of Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will discuss the government’s 2016 plan regarding the drafting of Government Regulations and Presidential Regulations.
Bill on Persons with disabilities
This week’s ILD will analyze and discuss issues relating to the protection and realization of the rights of persons with disabilities, as they are set out under the Bill.
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