Draft Bill on Trademarks: Because Identity Matters
The current Trademark Law is now nearly two decades old and somewhat behind the times. Due to this fact, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights is working on a new Draft Bill on Trademarks, which aims to create an improved climate for the business world from the point of view of trademarks. This revision is a necessary step, especially in the context of the forthcoming launch of the ASEAN Economic Community, which is pushing for greater market liberalization and integration.
BKPM Sets Out New Investment-Facility Provision
The 16/2015 Regulation is an integral part of the government’s Second Economic Package, which was announced in October. The essential objective of the 16/2015 Regulation is to stimulate and accelerate the flow of investment into Indonesia by simplifying the procedures for applying for Investment Facilities.
Given that such entities do exist in the capital market, albeit in small numbers, this week’s Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will attempt to dissect and analyze those strange creatures known as non-listed public companies.
Investment-License and Non-License Procedures and Requirements
This edition of Indonesian Law Digest (“ILD”) will highlight the differences between the 5/2013 Regulation and the 15/2015 Regulation, which is aimed at easing direct investment in Indonesia via the introduction of a One-Stop Integrated Investment Service facility (Pelayan Anter Padu Satu Pintu Di Bidang Penanaman Modal – “PTSP”) for the obtaining of the relevant licenses.
New Principle-License Procedures and Requirements
This edition of Indonesian Law Digest (“ILD”) will pinpoint the essential differences between the 5/2013 Regulation and the 14/2015 Regulation, which is aiming to ease direct investment in Indonesia via the introduction of a one-stop integrated investment service (pelayanan terpadu satu pintu di bidang penanaman modal – “PTSP”) for the obtaining of the relevant licenses.
Draft Bill on Non-Tax State Revenue: A New Hope to Boost State Income
The Draft Bill is aiming to improve the management and collection of PNBP, as laid out under the 1997 PNBP Law. One of the highlights of the Draft Bill, which will also be discussed here, is a change in the roles played by various government institutions. Previously, these institutions were merely administrators as regards the collection of PNBP, however under the Draft Bill, their authority now extends into the area of management, to the extent that they will now be able to appoint third parties to do the actual collection of PNBP for them.
Draft Bill on the Protection of Private Data
The Draft Bill aims to increase the protection of an individual’s private data by stipulating the procedures that have to be followed by an interested party when both gathering and managing private data. Furthermore, the Draft Bill also sets out guidelines relating to the transfer of Private Data to third parties, as well as the installation of video-surveillance devices.
Draft Bill on National Tax Amnesty: An Exit Plan for Money Launderers
The Draft Bill aims to encourage public compliance as regards issues of tax liability through the implementation of a tax amnesty, which will be offered for a limited-time. Under the tax-amnesty program, the state will waive both the taxpayers’ outstanding payable taxes and fines, and, moreover, will not seek any criminal prosecution of taxpayers.
Draft Bill on the Financial-System Security Net
This edition of Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will discuss and highlight key aspects of the Draft Bill, and will cover issues relating to: The establishment of the KSSK; Procedures relating to the resolution of problems in the financial system; and Procedures relating to the handling of troubled SIBs.
Downstream Natural-Gas Management
This edition of Indonesia Law Digest (ILD) will discuss the salient provisions set out in the Draft Regulation and compare them with the current regulatory framework.