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Draft Bill on Tax Consultants
Under the Draft Bill tax consultants are the only parties who are authorized to exercise power of attorney on behalf of taxpayers. This runs contrary to Decision of the Constitutional Court No. 63/PUU-XV/2017 which abolished all restrictions regarding the ability of non-tax consultants to exercise power of attorney on behalf of taxpayers in order to handle their taxation matters.
US-Indonesia Trade War: A Legal Perspective
The current confrontation over trade was initiated on 30 March 2017 when US President Donald Trump ordered US trade officials to investigate the US' overall trade deficits with some 16 countries, including China and Indonesia, with the ultimate goal of achieving a trade surplus
Legal Characteristics of the Online Marketplace
It Is Important To Note That Operators May Be Held Liable For Any Representations Or Claims Relating To Services Which Are Connected To Their Platform
Online Single Submission: Licensing Mechanism (Part 2)
This commitment scheme is one of the most salient features to be introduced under Regulation 24/2018. Under this scheme, businesses which apply for licenses will automatically obtain a conditional license after stating their commitment to fulfilling all of the requirements set by the government
Online Single Submission: Indonesian Licensing Reform (Part 1)
Regulation 24/2018 offers no certainty or clarity regarding whether existing businesses are also required to register with the OSS and to secure NIB. However, there are at least five situations which existing businesses may find themselves in which definitely require OSS registration and the securing of NIB
Venture Capital 101
PMVs can also provide financing through so-called quasi-equity participation schemes. Under this type of scheme, a PMV will purchase convertible bonds which will be issued by the relevant Investee Company in the form of bond certificates
Court Decision Analysis: Benny Tjokrosaputro vs. Goldman Sachs International
Decision 618/2016 indicates that even if a transaction has been settled through official IDX channels, it does not necessarily mean that said transaction remains free from future legal risk.
Understanding Building Construction Permit (IMB)
Possession of an IMB is one of the administrative prerequisites that have to be met in order to obtain other types of licenses, failure to secure an IMB can ultimately lead to a domino effect.
The Government's 2018 to Do List: Government Regulations and Presidential Regulations Currently in the Pipeline
In a bid to elaborate upon these various legal matters, this week's edition of Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will attempt to shed a little light upon the abovementioned Draft Regulations, which should be relevant to many involved in business in Indonesia
Consumer Protection during the Holiday Season
The settling of any disputes which relate to the area of consumer protection can be undertaken through the courts, as well as through out-of-court proceedings. Any dispute settlement efforts which are made through the courts will be based on existing laws and regulations. Meanwhile, out-of-court dispute settlements can be processed by the Consumer Dispute Settlement Agency (Badan Penyelesaian Sengketa Konsumen - "BPSK").
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