KPK Under Siege
Throwing Stones in Glass Houses? Allegations of corruption within Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission
KPK: An Exception to the Rule?
Why Indonesia's Anti-Corruption Commission succeeds where others don’t – a comparison with the Philippines’ Ombudsman
A Sugarcoated Human Rights System
The Indonesian Human Rights System: Philosophy, Supporting Instruments and a Case Study of the Sidoarjo Mudflow Disaster.
When Flimsy Trust is Broken: A Letter to Israel
Israel's Acts and Arrogance Impede Efforts to Bring Peace
Democracy is Not a Luxury for the Paupers
The Case for Not Paying Tax
High on Expectation, Low on Effort: A Story of the Indonesian Car
State-Made Wheels that Took a Wrong Turn
The Satgas Mafia Hukum - Justice Mafia Eradication Work Unit
A New Trend in Executive Commission-Making?
Daimler and Innospec Meet CICAK?
Bribery of Public Officials
Should ACFTA be Really be Feared?
And If Not, How Should It Be Perceived?
Natural Resources: The Curse of Developing Countries
Rethinking a Presumption of Economic Principles
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