Misconceptions About Common Law Litigation
Indonesians often assume that litigation in a common law system is more efficient. However, this belief is often based on pop-culture sources such as Hollywood movies and tv /or stories heard through the grapevine, which do not provide an accurate account.
Ratifying the Rome Statute: Almost There and Back Again
Indications of fear amongst Indonesian politicians that the Rome Statute could be abused to interfere with the country’s domestic politics. Prime example is this year’s Presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto
Divestment in the Mining Industry - Are We Ready ?
It is questionable whether the Government is ready and will be consistent in traversing the difficult economic road ahead.
A Trudge Through Indonesia’s Jungle of Law
Then I ran into the law myself, and not just any law, but Indonesian law, a “dark and tangled jungle of law,” perhaps one of the world’s most complex, incomplete, and chaotic systems of law.
Churchill Arbitration: A New Battle?
The government must lead the battle and for that our hopes are high with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Amir Syamsuddin, who is a former practicing lawyer and a renowned litigator.
The Effectiveness Of Divestiture Under Indonesian Merger Control: A Comparative Analysis with the European Union
Independent Report on Implementation of UNCAC in Indonesia
Report urges the government to stop meddling with the KPK and instead promote transparency in finances of political parties.
Badan Intelijen Nasional
SBY Administration advocates more power and less oversight for the Indonesian Intelligence Agency
Criminalizing Trivialities
iPad case highlights injustices in the criminal system caused by rival government agencies seeking prestige
Rethinking the Criminal Justice System In Indonesia
In the Indonesian criminal saga , a mother of two who sends her friends an email complaining about her treatment at a local hospital can be found guilty of libel and face a prison time
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