Seaport Businesses and Activities 101
Seaports represent perhaps Indonesia’s most vital trading backbone and are operated by port authorities and port operation units, both of which we will be referring to as Port Operators in this edition of ILD. However, the operation of ports may be transferred to other parties, i.e., so-called Port Companies, through concessions or through other cooperation schemes which may be available. As with any other Indonesian business framework, port businesses are required to be in possession of valid business licenses and thus all port players should secure the relevant licenses from the relevant authorities prior to commencing any port activities.
Deadline Extended for the Registration of Telecommunications Service Customers
In order to push back the deadline for the mandatory registration of pre-paid telecommunications service customers, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has issued Regulation No. 14 of 2017, which amends Ministry Regulation No. 12 of 2016 on the Registration of Telecommunications Service Customers.
Perpanjangan Batas Waktu Registrasi Pelanggan Jasa Telekomunikasi
OJK Regulates Anti-Fraud Policy for Insurance Companies
The Financial Services Authority has issued Circular No. 46/SEOJK.05/2017 on Fraud Control, Implementation of Anti-Fraud Strategy and Anti-Fraud Strategy Report for Insurance Companies, Sharia Insurance Companies, Re-Insurance Companies, Sharia Re-Insurance Companies, or Sharia Units, as mandated under Article 72 (5) of OJK Regulation No. 69/POJK.5/2016 on the Business Organization of Insurance Companies, Sharia Insurance Companies, Re-Insurance Companies and Sharia Re-Insurance Companies.
OJK Atur Kebijakan Anti-Fraud untuk Perusahaan Asuransi
New Provisions for Property Brokerage Companies
The Ministry of Trade has issued Regulation No. 51/M-DAG/PER/7/2017 on Property Brokerage Companies, with the objective of creating a fair business climate, improving the professionalism of property brokerage companies and supporting business activities in the area of property.
Ketentuan Baru Mengenai Perusahaan Perantara Perdagangan Properti
New Regulation on Ease-of-Access Requirement for Buildings
The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housings has issued Regulation No. 14/PRT/M/2017 on Ease-of-Access Requirements for Buildings (“Regulation 14/2017”), which will serve as a set of guidelines for building organizers as they look to ensure that their buildings and their surrounding environments are accessible by all parties in a safe and comfortable way.
Peraturan Baru tentang Persyaratan Kemudahan Bangunan Gedung
Cryptocurrency in Indonesia
An important economic milestone in many eyes and destined to lead to financial disruption the world over, cryptocurrencies are now used for everything from investment to shopping to buying apartments to financing terrorist organizations. Cryptocurrencies offer many potential benefits but also pose considerable risk at the same time. This edition ILD will analyze and address a number of key issues relating to the world of cryptocurrency and will take a look at how this new phenomenon is playing out in Indonesia.