A Winding Path for Well-Known Marks in Indonesia
This article will primarily analyze the definition and scope of well-known marks from three different angles, specifically: (1) International legal frameworks; (2) National legal frameworks; and (3) Court practices. Towards the end of this article, a number of recommendations will be set out for owners of well-known marks as regards the tackling of this issue from the point of view of best practices.
Aksesibilitas Sarana dan Prasarana pada Transportasi Publik bagi Penumpang Berkebutuhan Khusus
Public Transportation Facilities and Infrastructure for Accessibility to Passengers with Special Needs
In order to implement a firm approach to enhancing accessibility to public transportation facilities for persons with special needs, the Ministry of Transportation has issued Regulation No. PM 98 of 2017 on the Provision of Accessibility to Public-Transportation Services for Consumers with Special Needs .
Instrumen Ekonomi Lingkungan Hidup Siap Diimplementasikan
Environmental Economic Instruments are Finally Ready to be Implemented
As an implementation of Article 43 (4) and Article 55 (4) of Law No. No. 32 of 2009 on Environmental Protection and Management and as a realization of the commitment to implement the “polluter pays” principle under the environment law, the government has issued Regulation No. 46 of 2017 on Environmental Economic Instruments.
New Guidelines on the Organization of Advertisings in DKI Jakarta
The Governor of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta recently updated the rules for the organization of advertisements by issuing Regulation No. 148 of 2017 on Implementing Guidelines for the Organization of Advertisings.
Pedoman Baru untuk Penyelenggaraan Reklame di DKI Jakarta
Reporting of the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance by Guarantee Institutions
The Financial Service Authority has issued Circular No. 54/SEOJK.05/2017 on the Reporting of the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance by Guarantee Institutions, which is an implementation of Article 58 (6) of OJK Regulation No. 3/POJK.05/2017 on Good Corporate Governance by Guarantee Institutions.
Laporan Penerapan Tata Kelola Perusahaan yang Baik bagi Lembaga Penjamin
Local Currency Settlements for Bilateral-Trade Transactions between Domestic Banks and Banks of Partnering Countries
In order to meet the goal of accommodating the settlement of bilateral-trade transactions using local currency for the purpose of maintaining the stability of the rupiah currency, Bank Indonesia has issued Regulation No. 19/11/PBI/2017 on the Settlement of Bilateral Trade Transactions through the Use of Local Currency (Local Currency Settlements) via Banks