Why Us?


Hukumonline.com was established by a group of reputable legal observers at the beginning of Indonesia’s reform era. The company was set up in order to educate and enlighten the public about Indonesia’s legal world. Over the years, Hukumonline.com has become the country’s most complete, integrated and trusted provider of legal products and services.

Hukumonline.coem has managed to build up hundred client, consisting of companies, reputable law firms and government agencies, to which it offers the following premium services:


  • Indonesian Legal Brief (ILB)

Indonesian Legal Brief (ILB) offers analysis of new laws and regulations and is published online every day, as well as emailed directly to our customers. ILB is offered in both English and Indonesian versions.

  • Indonesian Law Digest (ILD)

Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) offers more in-depth analyses and reviews of all the latest legal developments, as well as comprehensive analyses of recent legal cases and court decisions.

  • Monthly Law Review (MLR)

Monthly Law Review (MLR) is a monthly publication that features summaries of all of the latest government-level laws and regulations. MLR makes it easy for our customers to monitor the latest business laws and regulations, as well as the current legal landscape.

  • Regulation Translation

Responding to the popular market demand, Hukumonline.com now proudly provides English translation of Indonesian regulations, with the ultimate purpose of providing a greater legal comprehension for your business needs. Our translations are provided in easily copyable text and PDF formats also integrated with our analysis.

  • Regulation & Policy Updates

Stay on top of law development in Indonesia! We also provide you updates of Indonesian regulations and policy that could affect to your business.  We summarize and highlight in point format, so you can easily read and quickly get to know about the issues.


Why you have to subscribe?


Our Legal analysis offers concise summaries, enriched with reliable, accurate and recent references, all of which are delivered daily to your email address. All of our analysis comes complete with links and references to related regulations which have been fully integrated into our Data Center of laws and regulations.


Convenient understanding of regulations

Through concise reviews which are realized in trustworthy, lucid language and enriched by reliable and accurate references, laws and regulations can be more easily understood. Moreover, so that our customers can gain a more complete understanding, each of our studies comes furnished with breakdowns of the relevant related rules and links, which are fully integrated into the Hukumonline.com Data Center.


Helping decision makers set policy

Through our daily studies, analyses and reviews of the latest laws and regulations, corporate decision-makers can gain access to benchmarks, indicators and standards which can effectively aid the implementation of policies in accordance with government regulations and which can ultimately have an impact on the company or institution being managed.


Efficiency & effectiveness

The various laws and regulations under review are handled by our experienced team of analysts and experts, all of whom have legal backgrounds, and saves our customers both time and money on legal research.


Improving legal compliance

Our reviews of laws and regulations offer discourse and knowledge which can enhance compliance with corporate law and thus minimize risk, be it civil, criminal or administrative.

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