Why Us?


Legal Analysis

Analyses of laws, regulations and court decisions are delivered directly to subscribers via email and are compiled by the Hukumonline.com team, the members of which all have solid legal backgrounds obtained from reputable universities, both in Indonesia and overseas.


Data Center of Regulations and Court Decisions

As of the beginning of 2017, Hukumonline offered easy access to a database of more than 70,000 regulations and court-decision documents, all of which are systematically arranged and organized.


Events and Training

Hukumonline.com periodically holds seminars, discussions and training sessions relating to legal matters. Hukumonline.com also runs an Event Organizer service, as well as an In-House Training service, both of which can be tailored to your needs.



Hukumonline.com is a media publication that offers interaction with the largest legal community in Indonesia. We are ready to be your publication partner of choice and an intermediary between you and your target readership.


Legal Clinic

Our special forum for legal consultation offers a question-and-answer format on general laws and aims to provide a solid legal education for the public. The Hukumonline.com clinic team receives more than 400 questions every month.


News Portal

Our news site aims to provide current legal information and education to the public.



A forum for the exchange of legal-related information, as well as free and unhindered exchanges of intelligent ideas. Through Hukumpedia.com, you not only become a reader but also a writer.

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