House Criticizes Subsidized Fuel Price Increase
Govt Promises Improvements to Upstream Oil Sector
OJK to Issue New Regulations on Capital Markets
Aims to strengthen the industry for the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community
Govt Establishes a Dedicated Team to Eradicate Oil and Gas Mafia
Oil and Gas Management Reformation Team established together with reallocation of fuel subsidy
Indonesian Law Digest
ILD – Customs for Online Shoppers: Procedures Charges, and Exemptions
Friday, November 21, 2014
This Indonesian Law Digest (“ILD”) will discuss import procedures for goods purchased overseas through online shopping, which are delivered to the buyer/importer using courier services. To this end, this ILD will discuss the following matters: Import of goods through courier services, Charges that apply for importing goods through courier services, and Procedures for securing an Importer Identification Number (Angka Pengenal Importir – “API”)
Indonesia’s Tourism: When Being Wonderful is Not Good Enough
Friday, November 14, 2014
This Indonesian Law Digest (ILD) will discuss in general terms the topic of tourism development under the following headings: Tourism businesses, covering types of tourism businesses and registration; Certification, covering the certification on tourism businesses and the workers; Tourism institutions, covering the Indonesian Tourism Promotion Board (Badan Promosi Pariwisata Indonesia – BPPI), Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (Gabungan Industri Pariwisata Indonesia), and inter-sectorial coordination.
One Hundred and Nine Regulations on Land Matters Repealed: Travelling through Indonesia’s Land Law History
Friday, November 07, 2014
The 10/2014 BPN Regulation aims harmonize and synchronize provisions on land with current conditions under existing newer regulations. This Indonesian Law Digest (“ILD”) will discuss key provisions of the repealed regulations and elaborate on the consequence of the repeals as well as existing regulations that regulate the same matters. Moreover, this ILD will also provide historical background of the repealed regulations.
Indonesian Legal Brief
State-Owned Enterprises to Submit Operational Data, Reports, and Documents Electronically
Monday, November 24, 2014
The Regulation provides guidelines for state-owned enterprises (badan usaha milik negara – “BUMN”) to submit their operational and other required data, reports, and documents (“Electronic Submission”) to the Minister using the information system of the Ministry of BUMN (“Information System”). This is designed to ensure the availability of complete and accurate data for decision-making processes by the organs of state-owned enterprise.
Licensing Requirements and Procedures for Postal Businesses
Friday, November 21, 2014
The Regulation is a guideline for state-owned enterprises (BUMN), regional-owned enterprises, Indonesian legal entities, and cooperatives (“Business”) to secure a license to provide postal services (“Postal Operating License”). Postal services that are offered including written communications and/or electronic mail, parcel and package delivery, logistics, financial transactions, and postal agency.
Fish Cultivation Business Licensing Procedures Re-regulated
Thursday, November 20, 2014
The Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (“Minister”) has issued Regulation No. 49/PERMEN-KP/2014 on Fish Cultivation Business (“Regulation”) to optimize the management and production of fish cultivation businesses.
Monthly Law Review
Monthly Law Review October 2014
Friday, October 31, 2014
Legal developments over the last month have remained active, perhaps even more active than one would expect given the inauguration of the new President. It seemed that ministries were busy finishing long standing homework and there was somewhat of a rush to finish more significant pieces of legislation such as the Marine Law.
Monthly Law Review September 2014
Monday, September 29, 2014
As expected with a departing administration and a new administration set to take over the management of the country this month saw the resolution of some long outstanding regulatory activity such as the Insurance Law. There remains, however, a number of long outstanding issues that for political or other reasons may still take time to address including the fuel subsidies issue.
Monthly Law Review August 2014
Friday, August 29, 2014
While in August the turmoil surrounding the outcome of the presidential election and the hearing the case at the Constitutional Court dominated legal news, government officials and legislators remained busy and still continued to issue numerous new regulations. The uncertainty that the Constitutional Court case created may have taken some attention away from a focus on getting new laws issued, but with the end of the current administration’s term fast approaching, some legislative actions that have been sitting on the current administration’s desk for sometime are getting attention.